We need you!

Hello everyone!

Quite some progress has been made on new areas since the release of 0.1. For now we dare to say that the entire N11 and a part of the A4 will make it into 0.2, including Alphen aan den Rijn and several villages in that area.

The A4

We are currently low on manpower to make a lot more happen. That’s why I’m reaching out to you! We are looking for new mappers and modellers.

As a mapper you will be laying down the roads and companies. This also includes decorating cities, villages and the countryside. Experience with the editor is useful, but not necessary. There are people in our team that can help you out with all your questions. Below is a video included where Sven is mapping near The Hague to give you an impression of the editor.

As a modeller you will be designing new models for our map. This includes general models like houses, but also place specific models. Furthermore, we are also in need of new prefabs or road types. Having experience with modelling in Blender is a must!

If you’re interested, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/JovNUJFFMc8V5aAXA

If you have doubts or have more questions about modding, then join our discord: https://discord.gg/P9bCGcx!! We are able to answer all your questions over there.

Tregion 0.1.2 the bugfix is released!

Hi community,

Today we released the Tregion 0.1.2 bugfix edition. This edition includes a whole lot of bugfixes and ofcourse compatibility with ETS2 1.34! Check our forum (https://forum.tregion.net) to download the release but first check the Blog post please! REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED TO BE LOGGED IN TO DOWNLOAD THE MAP!

What is new?

Not a lot is new. We mainly fixed bugs. There are 2 new area’s visible from old sections which are Zevenhuizen and Utrecht-Oudenrijn. These will be included in Tregion 0.2

What do I have to do with my old profile?

Don’t worry, just deactivate the old pack and activate the new pack. You can enjoy Tregion again and use your current profile!

What? A new DLC needed?

Yes it’s true. For this release we require the DLC Baltics. Why? The new area’s which are slightly included require this DLC because we use assets from it. To be sure it works we require this DLC 😉

Feel free to donate

By donating we can proceed paying for the server and giving you the fast torrent download which we prefer you to use. This is also the way to keep Tregion free and for nothing for everyone so keep that in mind! 🙂

2018 < 2019. What will 2019 bring? How did 2018 work out?

Hi Community. First of all a late happy new year! We hope that 2019 will bring a lot of fun and more Tregion for everyone. Let’s recap on last year and look at what this year will bring us!

Welcoming new developers

We have been welcoming a lot of new developers who are working on several areas in the Tregion map. Who are they and where are they working?

Me2here: Working on Groningen

Plum2018: Working on the E25 near Liège

FisherJB: Working on Sprang-Capelle/’s-Hertogenbosch

JellAy: Working on the A2 between Everdingen and Deil.

These are our newest developers. Give them a warm welcome!

What was 2018 like for the team?

2018 was a year full of struggles, failures but also wins. We had to postpone our release a lot of times. Sometimes due to team issues or personal issues with team members. Some team members were out of the team for more than 2 months due to personal problem. Despite everything we still released Tregion 0.1 which we are very proud of! We hope that 2019 will bring us at least Tregion 0.2!

What will 2019 bring us?

2019 will hopefully bring us the release of Tregion 0.2. Tregion 0.2 will mostly contain some filling projects like the N11/A4 filling project, the A20/N219 filling project and the RING Utrecht filling project. Meanwhile our mappers are still working in sprints too to the South of the Netherlands so we can go to Belgium and Germany as soon as possible! We hope that we can bring you a lot of updates and a lot of new content to enjoy! Here some screenshots as a peak to what new is coming in Tregion 0.2 and further!

A59 exit Sprang ~ Fisher JB
A2 near Eijsden ~ Plum2018
A2 Zaltbommel ~ Alex
Hazerswoude-Rijndijk ~ Jasper
A2 Utrecht ~Sven

Want to see more progress? Check our forum!

Tregion 0.1 bugfix

Tregion 0.1 is currently being bugfixed. This is taking longer than we expect. We hope that we can bring you the 0.1 bugfix this month!

Tregion reddit

Yup! It’s true. Tregion has it’s own subreddit now. Click here to visit it.

Last but not least…

Tregion server donation role

We are happy to anounce the donate discord server role. Are you in our discord and did you donate? Let one of the admins know! They will give you the special donation role. Just to show that we apreciate your donation. The donation rank is for everyone the same so if you donated €0,01 or €10,- you get the same rank!

Tregion merchandise

Tregion still sells it’s merchandise. Want to have a Tregion cap or shirt? Click here to visit the store.

Tregion modding school

Our Tregion modding school is opened! Want to show your work to us and receive feedback on what you’ve made? Click here to show it!

Tregion 0.1 is released! – Merchandise store opened!

Hi community,

Tregion 0.1 is finally released! What do you need to play the map? Where can you download it? Read it all here!

How do you download the map?

You can download the map on our forum: https://forum.tregion.net/ There is a download section on the forum where you can find the download. You need to be registered and logged in to access the topic. If you are not registered or logged in, you can’t access the downloadserver. This is to prevent piracy.

What download options are there?

We have 2 options to download the map. The 1st option is a torrent download. This is the fastest way to download the map. To use the torrent you need a torrent client like bittorrent or utorrent. Please seed the map after downloading!
The 2nd option is a download straight from the server but to prevent the server being overloaded, we have put a cap of 100kb/s on that server meaning that the file will take very long to download. It is for the people who don’t want to use a torrent. We warned you. Take the torrent! It is way faster and easier!

Which DLC’s do I need for the map?

You need: Going east, Scandinavia, France and Italia for the map to work. If you don’t have the DLC’s then you can’t use the map. It will crash!

Do I need a new profile for this map?


Is this map compatible with ProMods or other Europe map mods?

No. The map is on a standalone scale of 1:2 which means that the map isn’t compatible with other maps.

How do I run this map?

Go to your ETS2 and start a new profile. Go to the mod manager and select all Tregion packs. There should be 5 files. Activate them with Tregion always on top and on alphabetic range. After that, go back to the profile page and select the map module. Change it from europe to dutchmap2.mbd as shown below:

After that, you should be able to play the map!

Where should I report bugs?

Report bugs in our bugs section on the forum!

Which cities are in the map?

  • De Meern
  • Woerden
  • Waarder
  • Bodegraven
  • Gouda
  • Waddinxveen
  • Zoetermeer
  • Zoetermeer-Lansinghage
  • Bleiswijk-Prisma
  • Den Haag-Leidschenveen

Our merchandise store!

We are also happy to anounce that we sell merchandise! We had this plan for a long time but wanted to wait till the release. Buy your merchandise here!: https://shop.spreadshirt.net/tregion

And last but not least… Feel free to donate!

Do you like to support the mappers for their work? Feel free to donate!

Why do we still not release?

Hi community,

Many of you are asking many questions when it goes about release. I want to say first that the release of Tregion 0.1 takes a longer while than we thought, but you might already know that. Why are we not releasing yet? What is taking so long? We will explain it.

SCS Updates

SCS updates make it hard for us to convert every each time. Most people who develop know that converting to the next version of SCS’s ETS2 and ATS is a pain. Especially when you have a quite big library of custom assets and prefabs. Sometimes those assets can create a CTD (Crash to desktop) and then we have to fix those.

Own spare time

Yes, that’s true, we are not a company and we all do it as a hobby in our own spare time. All of our developers have an own personal life next to developing maps for ETS2. We put a lot of our spare time in the project but that mostly isn’t enough to cover the whole project within just a few weeks. Thanks to all this we have to postpone everything time after time to make this map mod even more awesome than it already is.

How much did you already cover then?

Well, we covered a lot. We are currently with 18 ETS2 developers only! That is already a lot! Of which 5 are on version 0.1

  • Sven
  • M95
  • Alex
  • Lamarr
  • Jasper

5 mappers on approx 100kms (1:2 scale. approx 50-60kms irl) of road is a lot.

What have we covered in 0.1?:

0.1 Coverage WIP

The whole A12 from Den Haag-Leidschenveen to De Meern. Meanwhile other developers are working on other stretches of road to create a network.

We hope that you guys understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to make maps like these and we friendly ask to wait patiently. It is ready when it’s ready!



What the f**k happened?

Hi Community,

In this blog post we will update you with all the information you need for the next months. Why are we so absent? What are we doing? What’s going on internally? You will get to know it now!

Tregion ETS2


So we have done several things for Tregion ETS2, our main project. There are for example new prefabs in the making to enhance the realistic experience that we want to give for users of Tregion. Like this turboroundabout in Waddinxveen for example:

Prefabs like this will make Tregion a unique player in the ETS2 modding community and we hope that we can produce way more!


Thanks to the 1.31 update, lots of our sign templates created by ProMods were outdated. Sven decided to revamp all signs, to make them more flexible and easier to use. The new sign templates are also made with the new sign template system that is very unstable at this moment. This makes it hard for us to make templates as the game crashes at various moments. SCS has informed us that there will be a fix very soon. But we keep in mind that the programmers of SCS have more to do than fixing a sign editor so we wait patiently till it’s fixed. Some examples of our new signage:

Only the Dutch highway signs are done now. Sven needs to do a lot more to finish all the signs they had before and enhance them!

Tregion Francoschweiz

Well… What happened to them? Ficfic, one of the Francoschweiz admins had a huge load of hate against our team and started a revolt against us. Surprisingly enough he had convinced his team members to leave and go back where they were, in Carte France. After a while the team became turbulent and Brad and DKCH wanted to come back to Tregion. Ofcourse we wanted that so we can continue the work together! So the Carte France team has split up. Brad, DKCH and their recruits came to Tregion. The rest started a new fresh project and we wish them the best of luck! Meanwhile: We go on!

Tregion Schwarzwald

A few week ago Sven was at Rob’s place to help him restart Schwarzwald. Unfortunately Schwarzwald was so old that it became unconvertable. Now that the team is working more together to prevent things like this, converting goes more fluid. And the progress didn’t stop there, Rob and Sven have been working hard to make some stuff ready! More information will follow soon. Now we just have screenshots to share:

Last but not least: 1.32

Today the 1.32 open beta came out. We have read the instructions how to convert and we are sure it is going to be a pain in the ass. Especially for so many projects. We hope that it will be converted as soon as possible but we can’t guarrantee that we have it converted that fast. All we can do is hope that it won’t be a pain in the ass.


With all this said, we hope that we have updated you enough and that we can go on working hard on releases now.


The Tregion team

Time for an official trailer!

So we are in the last stages of finalizing Tregion 0.1! The map is almost ready to be put in Beta and some developers are already developing on Tregion 0.2! Time for us to make an official trailer! Our developer Terg500 took the chance and made a very good one. Take a look!

Preparing stuff for 0.1 and another project merge?

Hi community,

We are preparing a lot of stuff for Tregion ETS2 0.1. I am afraid we won’t make the release exactly at the end of may but it should be done around the end of may. After the release is done, we will first send it to our béta testers to check our map for mistakes. Afterward we will send it to you, the community!

We also started to work together with Carte France! The team which excists out of 7 people will make France and Switzerland on a scale of 1:1. The lead developers of the project are Ficfic and Minecart11. Minecart11 is also a developer of the Tregion ETS2 map making sprints. The new map of this merge will be Tregion Franco-Schweiz. This is a combination of Carte France and Switzerland 1:1. Let’s show some screenshots shall we?

Let’s hope that this merge will lead to some good results and releases. This is for now the last project merge. We will now focus on releasing some maps!


We introduce: The Vialis Classic!

Hi community,

As you may have seen on our facebook page, our traffic lights have had a gigantic update. We now have thanks to GerScaniaTrucker 4 variants of the Vialis Classic traffic lights and a lot more is to come like the Vialis Vialina and Groenpol traffic lights for the Netherlands. Let’s showcase them!

The Vialis Classic 300mm version with a black backside and a white pole

The Vialis Classic 210mm version with a black backside and a white pole

The Vialis Beige 300mm version with a beige backside and a beige pole

The Vialis Beige 210mm version with a beige backside and a beige pole

Traffic light flares during daylight

Traffic light flares during night time

We hope that we have updated you very well again for today!

Again: Credits to GerScaniaTrucker for creating these amazing traffic lights!

Happy trucking,