The story of a developer episode one: Alex.

Welcome to this new blog series! Today we start interviewing our Developers with a new interview every monday! Starting with Alex.
Alex has been a developer in the Tregion team for a very long time. He has been developing parts around Leiden right now. Lets get into the interview!

Who are you? And where do you come from?
I’m Alex, and I come from Holland, a small country in West-Europa.

What are you working on in the Tregion map?
Currently I’m working on Leiden, a nice city between The Hague and Amsterdam.

How long have you been in the team already?
I already was in the TDM team, and when we decided to stop TDM and start a new ambitious project (Tregion šŸ˜‰ ) I just came over, so I am here since the start.

Whats your experience with the team?
My experiences are really good, it’s a nice team to work with.

Why should we be visit your parts? Whats special about it?
Well, actually my parts are needed to drive by if you want to go to amsterdam and start at The Hague, but also the amount of detail and time. Its really hard to make something that looks good, and I think you will see it in the work

What are your experiences with building these parts?
My experiences are that it is not really easy to build, but it is really fun because when I am done with building and look back at the result, I am mostly verry happy and proud at myself, because when I made North Holland in The Dutch Map (you might know it as the most bad mapped piece of shit ever) I wasnt quallified, and now I am really good.

Anything else?
No not really, just download Tregion and have fun with it! It will be the best map ever!

Next week: Snellejasper!

A second CEO!

Hello community,

You might have seen it on the forum and the discord already but we have a new CEO! Our mapper Daan has been making such a good work and he is a good leader of the team so next to Sven, Daan will be the second CEO of the Tregion project.


We are working on our new website. As we are getting a lot more projects to work on like our ATS map and Schwarzwald, we need some more website which means we need a portal. And we’ve made that.


We are thrilled to show you some progress but we decided to keep you guys hyped just a little bit more.



An update and a new project?

100th revision on the SVN server!

Hi everyone! We first want to say that we hit the 100th revision on our SVN server! That’s a milestone since we have the server for only a month!

ETS2: new 0.1 teaser!

For the ones that haven’t seen it yet: We’ve released a teaser trailer for Tregion meaning that the release isn’t far away anymore. We assume that we have a download link around the end of May which is pretty soon! If you haven’t seen it: Watch it here:

Hmm… Shall we provide some more screenshots too to get the hype train running even more?

The Gouwe bridge-aquaduct-bridge
VZP De Andel
The A12 around Gouda
Exit Bleiswijk with a view over Zoetermeer
Australiƫweg Zoetermeer

Another great co-operation!

So we did another project merge with Bobgrey1997 from the Arkansas 1:1 map! We decided to make the map 1:2 because that is easier to make and isn’t that time consuming as a 1:1 map. You can still implement a lot of detail in a 1:2 and that is visible in our ETS2 map! We decided to start mapping around the suburbs of Little rock and villages before reaching Little Rock itself. A screenshot around Beebe:

US 67 at exit 31: Beebe

So why are we merging with an ATS map?

Well we want to increase our community to make more products with more developers. We want to grow out to a huge team creating the best mods for ets2. We know that it’ll be a long road to follow but if we keep working, we’ll get there!

New developers incoming!

In the past half year we’ve seen a lot of developers come and leave. We now do have a quite solid team. We have some new developers and some existing developers gone away. Our team exists now out of

  • 23 Beta testers
  • 8 map developers (ETS2, ATS and Schwarzwald)
  • 13 recruits of which 2 have the chance to become a mapper too

As you can see, we still need model developers so please contact us if you’re a model developer to coorporate with us!

So these are the new devs!

We welcome the new developers. Now the new developers are:

  • Minecart11
  • Bobgrey1997
  • Gabriel

On what area’s will they work?

  • Minecart11: Rotterdam West
  • Bobgrey1997 ATS
  • Gabriel: Aachen

And how about the other developers?

  • Sven: Zoetermeer ETS2, Beebe, Arkansas ATS
  • Daan: Gouda ETS2
  • RVirma: Rotterdam East
  • Butcher: Den Haag-Leidschenveen
  • Kirill: Foggy Weather
  • Rob: Schwarzwald/Australian Outback


So this was our general update. Want some more news? Please visit our facebook and write something on our forum! For now we go on mapping for a new driving experience!

~Sven, CEO of the Tregion project

Another development update.

Hi community!

First of all we want to anounce that we have moved our development files to a new platform! Instead of a cloud we use a repository based SVN server which can keep track of our files having a lot of revisions so we can update our stuff simultaniously.


Also: We are getting closer to the release. We need to finish some stuff in Zoetermeer, Gouda, Woerden, De Meern and Den Haag-Leidschenveen. Our aimdate is still for december. We have prepared some more screenshots to get the hype machine running again:

A12 near Zoetermeer
A4 near Leidschendam
Road leading to Den Haag-Leidschenveen city center
A12 near Den Haag-Leidschenveen
A12 near Bodegraven


Rob started building some stuff in the Australian outback! We are very proud to anounce that it will release very soon so you can drive in Schwarzwald and the Australian outback! Also some screenshots to get the hype train running:

The Australian outback


BAB 81


Kirill started to get his hands on new skyboxes. We dont have any screenshots ready at this moment but we will give you them soon.


Daan and Sven started to get their hands on a Tregion ATS map. There is not a lot of development on the map and probably won’t release this year. For them it’s a side project next to Tregion and nothing more than that. We also have some screenshots from that map:


SCS Software has released a trailer for the new ETS2 DLC: Italia! The DLC also contains work from Sven from Tregion and Mandelsoft from Promods. Feel free to watch the trailer:

We are still looking for developers to help us with developing the map! If you think that you are perfect for this “job” please fill inĀ our form

Getting closer to a release!

Hi Community,

Today we are happy to anounce that we are getting closer to a release! The last hand is being laid on Den Haag Leidschenveen and on Woerden/Harmelen. The only thing that is missing is the connection. That’s why we make the A12 to connect Leidschenveen to Woerden and Harmelen. This is being done by Daan and Sven at this moment. We hope that we can release this before Christmas but we are not sure! Lets give our hopes and work hard on it! Some screenshots for your pleasure:

Donau heading into Leidschenveen. On the background the ADO stadium
De Lanen heading into Leidschenveen. On the background the ADO stadium
Donau heading into Leidschenveen. On the background the ADO stadium
The A4 Crossing in Leidschenveen
A12 towards Utrecht
A12 towards Utrecht