Promods and Tregion. What has gone wrong.

Hey community,

I have been thinking long about this before writing this message but I decided to do it after all the things that have happened.

The story…

Working with ProMods was a nice co-operation between two teams having a nice time with each other. ProMods gave us assets to work with which we are still thankful for. Thanks to Mandelsoft I also now have an internship at SCS Software which I really enjoy. I am also thankful for that. But after a few months of working it already twisted. ProMods dropped a part of their support for us postponing and changing from Region in our map. We also recruited lots of developers at once and that didn’t always go as planned. ProMods didn’t really trust it anymore and decided to not give us anymore assets. The asociateship remained. After a few months things started to get even worse between the teams. We started to do some shameless bashing on each other and also between team members of Tregion and ProMods things escalated. I don’t want to say what has escalated. That has to stay private. I don’t want to throw poop. The relationship between the 2 teams came to the lowest point when developers started switching teams and leaking between the 2 teams. Information that shouldn’t be leaked has been leaked and created even more tension. M95 decided to leave ProMods because to him it didn’t feel like a team anymore and the tension between him and the ProMods admins became bigger and bigger.

Tregion also wanted to get into contact with SCS for getting a closer co-operation between their game and modding support. Unfortunately that information has been leaked to the ProMods team and ScuL didn’t like the plan. He contacted me immediately and said that he didn’t agree to our plan and also said that he will try to prevent it because he went to SCS the week after the message was sent. I don’t know what he did at SCS so I can’t tell if he really tried to prevent it. It did anyhow shock me that he tried to interfere in that contact. I don’t know why though… After that we had a massive discussion about it ScuL decided to ban me from their team discord. I banned all the ProMods members on my turn. After that it went a bit normal between the teams again. Everyone did their own thing until today. A developer from our team left to join their team. And as it has not been the 1st time that ProMods recruited people who were already a developer of Tregion, despite the fact that we got them from their forum (but didn’t have the PM blue rank) we are really disappointed in this way of working.

I had the plan to write this message a long time ago already but it didn’t feel necessary to me. But because of what happened today it pushed me to write this post. We don’t hate ProMods and we don’t want you to hate them after we wrote this message. ProMods is an amazing map to play on but we just don’t like what happened behind the scenes and we thought this is the moment that the community gets to know it.



Discuss it with us:

Why do we still not release?

Hi community,

Many of you are asking many questions when it goes about release. I want to say first that the release of Tregion 0.1 takes a longer while than we thought, but you might already know that. Why are we not releasing yet? What is taking so long? We will explain it.

SCS Updates

SCS updates make it hard for us to convert every each time. Most people who develop know that converting to the next version of SCS’s ETS2 and ATS is a pain. Especially when you have a quite big library of custom assets and prefabs. Sometimes those assets can create a CTD (Crash to desktop) and then we have to fix those.

Own spare time

Yes, that’s true, we are not a company and we all do it as a hobby in our own spare time. All of our developers have an own personal life next to developing maps for ETS2. We put a lot of our spare time in the project but that mostly isn’t enough to cover the whole project within just a few weeks. Thanks to all this we have to postpone everything time after time to make this map mod even more awesome than it already is.

How much did you already cover then?

Well, we covered a lot. We are currently with 18 ETS2 developers only! That is already a lot! Of which 5 are on version 0.1

  • Sven
  • M95
  • Alex
  • Lamarr
  • Jasper

5 mappers on approx 100kms (1:2 scale. approx 50-60kms irl) of road is a lot.

What have we covered in 0.1?:

0.1 Coverage WIP

The whole A12 from Den Haag-Leidschenveen to De Meern. Meanwhile other developers are working on other stretches of road to create a network.

We hope that you guys understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to make maps like these and we friendly ask to wait patiently. It is ready when it’s ready!



What the f**k happened?

Hi Community,

In this blog post we will update you with all the information you need for the next months. Why are we so absent? What are we doing? What’s going on internally? You will get to know it now!

Tregion ETS2


So we have done several things for Tregion ETS2, our main project. There are for example new prefabs in the making to enhance the realistic experience that we want to give for users of Tregion. Like this turboroundabout in Waddinxveen for example:

Prefabs like this will make Tregion a unique player in the ETS2 modding community and we hope that we can produce way more!


Thanks to the 1.31 update, lots of our sign templates created by ProMods were outdated. Sven decided to revamp all signs, to make them more flexible and easier to use. The new sign templates are also made with the new sign template system that is very unstable at this moment. This makes it hard for us to make templates as the game crashes at various moments. SCS has informed us that there will be a fix very soon. But we keep in mind that the programmers of SCS have more to do than fixing a sign editor so we wait patiently till it’s fixed. Some examples of our new signage:

Only the Dutch highway signs are done now. Sven needs to do a lot more to finish all the signs they had before and enhance them!

Tregion Francoschweiz

Well… What happened to them? Ficfic, one of the Francoschweiz admins had a huge load of hate against our team and started a revolt against us. Surprisingly enough he had convinced his team members to leave and go back where they were, in Carte France. After a while the team became turbulent and Brad and DKCH wanted to come back to Tregion. Ofcourse we wanted that so we can continue the work together! So the Carte France team has split up. Brad, DKCH and their recruits came to Tregion. The rest started a new fresh project and we wish them the best of luck! Meanwhile: We go on!

Tregion Schwarzwald

A few week ago Sven was at Rob’s place to help him restart Schwarzwald. Unfortunately Schwarzwald was so old that it became unconvertable. Now that the team is working more together to prevent things like this, converting goes more fluid. And the progress didn’t stop there, Rob and Sven have been working hard to make some stuff ready! More information will follow soon. Now we just have screenshots to share:

Last but not least: 1.32

Today the 1.32 open beta came out. We have read the instructions how to convert and we are sure it is going to be a pain in the ass. Especially for so many projects. We hope that it will be converted as soon as possible but we can’t guarrantee that we have it converted that fast. All we can do is hope that it won’t be a pain in the ass.


With all this said, we hope that we have updated you enough and that we can go on working hard on releases now.


The Tregion team

Time for an official trailer!

So we are in the last stages of finalizing Tregion 0.1! The map is almost ready to be put in Beta and some developers are already developing on Tregion 0.2! Time for us to make an official trailer! Our developer Terg500 took the chance and made a very good one. Take a look!

Preparing stuff for 0.1 and another project merge?

Hi community,

We are preparing a lot of stuff for Tregion ETS2 0.1. I am afraid we won’t make the release exactly at the end of may but it should be done around the end of may. After the release is done, we will first send it to our béta testers to check our map for mistakes. Afterward we will send it to you, the community!

We also started to work together with Carte France! The team which excists out of 7 people will make France and Switzerland on a scale of 1:1. The lead developers of the project are Ficfic and Minecart11. Minecart11 is also a developer of the Tregion ETS2 map making sprints. The new map of this merge will be Tregion Franco-Schweiz. This is a combination of Carte France and Switzerland 1:1. Let’s show some screenshots shall we?

Let’s hope that this merge will lead to some good results and releases. This is for now the last project merge. We will now focus on releasing some maps!


We introduce: The Vialis Classic!

Hi community,

As you may have seen on our facebook page, our traffic lights have had a gigantic update. We now have thanks to GerScaniaTrucker 4 variants of the Vialis Classic traffic lights and a lot more is to come like the Vialis Vialina and Groenpol traffic lights for the Netherlands. Let’s showcase them!

The Vialis Classic 300mm version with a black backside and a white pole

The Vialis Classic 210mm version with a black backside and a white pole

The Vialis Beige 300mm version with a beige backside and a beige pole

The Vialis Beige 210mm version with a beige backside and a beige pole

Traffic light flares during daylight

Traffic light flares during night time

We hope that we have updated you very well again for today!

Again: Credits to GerScaniaTrucker for creating these amazing traffic lights!

Happy trucking,


The story of a developer Episode two: Snellejasper

Welcome to this new blog series! Today we start interviewing our Developers with a new interview every monday! In this episode: Jasper.
Jasper is a fresh new developer in Tregion. He is working around Rijswijk right now. Lets get into the interview!

Who are you? And where do you come from?
Hello there! My name is Jasper, 21 years old and I’m currently studying in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. I grew up in Emmen (Drenthe), so I know a lot about those places.

What are you working on in the Tregion map?
I’m currently working on Rijswijk (close to the Hague) and the A4 running past the city. The last thing I have been working on is the A4/A13 interchange, and soon the built of Rijswijk itself will start. After that, it is quite likely that I will build Delft as well. Keep in mind that it is very unlikely for these areas to appear in the first version of the map. But maybe in the second version, who knows 😉

How long have you been in the team already?
Not so long actually. I found the project somewhere in September, which inspired me to start mapping myself, hoping I could become a developer one day for Tregion. I tried some things, but gave up after a while, as it is not easy without help. Some months later, Tregion was in need for beta testers, which got me into the team. With help of the developers I improved my mapping skills, and at the end of February I got promoted to Developer. So I’m in the team for over 2 weeks now, and hoping that many more will follow!

Whats your experience with the team?
These are some nice guys to work with. A few are very active with the development, others take it slower, which is all fine to me. Progress is made in the end, and that is what counts! And some good memes keep the atmosphere nice as well.

Why should we be visit your parts? Whats special about it?
Currently, not that much to be honest. There is too much that still has to be done, before I know how it will actually look when it’s done. I’d like to answer this question again in a month or so, as a lot more will be done at that time. My focus is on the details and landscaping, so expect something special for that. I hope that the rural scenery will amaze you in the future.

What are your experiences with building these parts?
It is a big challenge. Laying down the roads, choosing which roads should be in and which ones will not be in is not an easy task. Some things simply don’t fit due to 1:2 scale. I already had to skip an highway exit, which I found very essential to be in the game, which was quite unfortunate. But solutions are found and the landscaping should be great in the end.

What is your favorite part in the map to build?
So far I only have experience with Rijswijk and the A4, so that is also my favourite part I guess. But I would love to build some more rural parts, as it is easier on one hand, but also more satisfying for some reason. So who knows what my next project will be.

Anything else?
It is really amazing to be part of this team. Who knows what the future brings. It would be so amazing to have the entire Netherlands finished one day, combined with some German and Belgian parts. For now, patience is a good friend, and soon the A12 will open up for you!

The story of a developer episode one: Alex.

Welcome to this new blog series! Today we start interviewing our Developers with a new interview every monday! Starting with Alex.
Alex has been a developer in the Tregion team for a very long time. He has been developing parts around Leiden right now. Lets get into the interview!

Who are you? And where do you come from?
I’m Alex, and I come from Holland, a small country in West-Europa.

What are you working on in the Tregion map?
Currently I’m working on Leiden, a nice city between The Hague and Amsterdam.

How long have you been in the team already?
I already was in the TDM team, and when we decided to stop TDM and start a new ambitious project (Tregion 😉 ) I just came over, so I am here since the start.

Whats your experience with the team?
My experiences are really good, it’s a nice team to work with.

Why should we be visit your parts? Whats special about it?
Well, actually my parts are needed to drive by if you want to go to amsterdam and start at The Hague, but also the amount of detail and time. Its really hard to make something that looks good, and I think you will see it in the work

What are your experiences with building these parts?
My experiences are that it is not really easy to build, but it is really fun because when I am done with building and look back at the result, I am mostly verry happy and proud at myself, because when I made North Holland in The Dutch Map (you might know it as the most bad mapped piece of shit ever) I wasnt quallified, and now I am really good.

Anything else?
No not really, just download Tregion and have fun with it! It will be the best map ever!

Next week: Snellejasper!

A second CEO!

Hello community,

You might have seen it on the forum and the discord already but we have a new CEO! Our mapper Daan has been making such a good work and he is a good leader of the team so next to Sven, Daan will be the second CEO of the Tregion project.


We are working on our new website. As we are getting a lot more projects to work on like our ATS map and Schwarzwald, we need some more website which means we need a portal. And we’ve made that.


We are thrilled to show you some progress but we decided to keep you guys hyped just a little bit more.