Thanks for the many years: Tregion quits.

Sven has been with the team since The Dutch Map 1.0 and has been active in the team eversince, becoming admin since TDM 1.3. Together with Alex, M95 and Daan they’ve started Tregion. A new 1:2 scale map mod for ETS2 starring the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Sven: “We all had a great plan which we hoped would work out to be the biggest map mod ever. But pressure came in the way. Thanks to SCS updates, DLC’s and pressure from the community we felt that every step moving forward, was 2 steps backwards. It demotivated us every time we wanted to do something on the project and we worked hard to not let it die. A few months after I took a step back from the team, I was diagnosed with a depression, causing me to leave the team behind and work on myself. The team became more inactive than it already was and now the time has come that we decided to focus on something else.

It is sad to see that we are quitting the project and will do something else.

M95: “Tregion was in my heart since the start of the project. I am very happy that I could be part of the team and create a great mod of which everyone received a lot of joy and drive in some of their own hometown. We are grateful for everyone’s feedback.

Alex: “The pleasure to map became less and less when school became a big factor in my life. School became so much that I didn’t find enough time to help the team. The pressure became so much that I was diagnosed with a burn-out and that was the moment I decided to take a huge step back from the team also. Thanks for the many years of joy you, the community has given me. But now it’s time to do something else.

Jasper: “I have been with the team since a few years. And within those years, I worked myself up to become an admin. Unfortunately my job and demotivation to work on the project became in my way of continuing. Thanks for the many years of fun and appreciation but now it is time to leave the team behind.

It doesn’t mean that Tregion will disappear, the mod will still be downloadable and the website will still be up. You will see a lot of changes though. The team is resigning but the community will stay. We want to create a new gaming community with a lot of joy and support. What it will be? You will hear soon from us.

Thanks for the many years of joy.

The Tregion Team

One thought on “Thanks for the many years: Tregion quits.

  1. So sorry to see it come to an end, I enjoyed the project so much! Been driving for hours on our Dutch highway…

    But anyway, personal mental health is so much more important than this project, so I wish you all the best, and hope you will recover soon.

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