Some early W.I.P. Screenshots

Hi Community!

We hope you are enjoying Tregion 0.2! While you are playing 0.2, we are building Tregion 0.3 which will surely feature the city of Utrecht! Currently we are busy on the A12 which forms the Southern ringroad of the 4th biggest city in the Netherlands. We have some very early W.I.P. pictures for you.

Utrecht: M95, Sven and Jasper

Utrecht is famous for it’s quite big range of architecture and next to the A12 there is also a lot to find. For example the Van der Valk Hotel next to the A12!

Van der Valk Utrecht

But also other buildings are findable next to the A12. For example the building from the company that maintains our roads: Rijkswaterstaat!


The WTC Utrecht is also present!

Afrit 16: A12

And when you talk about the A12, you talk about the Ikea!

Papendorpseweg and Galecopperbrug

And ofcourse one thing can’t miss, interchange Oudenrijn!


Meanwhile Jasper is busy with the A27 near Vianen, which will probably belong to the Utrecht project.

A27 near Vianen

Linschoten: AexceptionPL

Our new Developer AexceptionPL has started on a small expansion next to Woerden, Linschoten!

N204 near Linschoten

Zuidplas: Sven

Sven has started on project Zuidplas which will feature Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel and Zevenhuizen for sure.

A20 near Moordrecht
N457: Moordrechtboog
N219: Zevenhuizen

An expansion to somewhere else…

Our developer Thieme is busy working to another city from Zoetermeer. Can you guess which road this is?

A Team-up: Veritas1983

Please welcome our new Developer Veritas1983, known from the Rotterdam 1:1 map, who decided to join us! He is currently merging his work with ours! Can you guess which interchange this will be?

Hoogmade/Woubrugge: Alexanderkovacs

Our developer Alexanderkovacs has been making some progress around Woubrugge! Specifically the A4 and N446!

N446 Woubrugge
N446 Hoogmade
N446 Hoogmade
A4 Hoogmade
A4 Limesaquaduct
A4 Leiden

Last but not least… New road markings!

To enhance your simulation experience even more, we decided to give our road markings a huge overhaul and make them according to the Dutch marking standards, which means we’ve made them thinner! That looks like this!

There is a whole lot more we are working on but we thought this would be enough to keep your eyes candied. We hope you like it!

The Tregion Team!

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