The A12 is finally connected!

Yes it’s true. The A12 is now connected and with that belongs a video.

As you can see there is still a lot of work to do before we can release Tregion 0.1 but we have sure made some progress!

4 thoughts on “The A12 is finally connected!

    1. As they told like a hundred times before: Don’t ask for it! They are thinking around the end of May, but can be later or earlier. Just don’t ask ever again.

  1. Looks really, really, really nice! I love what you guys did with the ‘Reeuwijkse Randweg’! And Zoetermeer-Langsingerland!

    Only one incorrect thing I noticed:
    In Zoetermeer, where the ‘Spitsstrook’ ends. You guys made the matrixsigns show the sign ‘end of all limitations’. This is something matrixsigns never do. They only show this sign at the end of a temporary speed limitation. At the end of the ‘Spitsstrook’, these signs just don’t display the green arrow anymore.

    But all in all, very well done!

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