The story of a developer Episode two: Snellejasper

Welcome to this new blog series! Today we start interviewing our Developers with a new interview every monday! In this episode: Jasper.
Jasper is a fresh new developer in Tregion. He is working around Rijswijk right now. Lets get into the interview!

Who are you? And where do you come from?
Hello there! My name is Jasper, 21 years old and I’m currently studying in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. I grew up in Emmen (Drenthe), so I know a lot about those places.

What are you working on in the Tregion map?
I’m currently working on Rijswijk (close to the Hague) and the A4 running past the city. The last thing I have been working on is the A4/A13 interchange, and soon the built of Rijswijk itself will start. After that, it is quite likely that I will build Delft as well. Keep in mind that it is very unlikely for these areas to appear in the first version of the map. But maybe in the second version, who knows šŸ˜‰

How long have you been in the team already?
Not so long actually. I found the project somewhere in September, which inspired me to start mapping myself, hoping I could become a developer one day for Tregion. I tried some things, but gave up after a while, as it is not easy without help. Some months later, Tregion was in need for beta testers, which got me into the team. With help of the developers I improved my mapping skills, and at the end of February I got promoted to Developer. So I’m in the team for over 2 weeks now, and hoping that many more will follow!

Whats your experience with the team?
These are some nice guys to work with. A few are very active with the development, others take it slower, which is all fine to me. Progress is made in the end, and that is what counts! And some good memes keep the atmosphere nice as well.

Why should we be visit your parts? Whats special about it?
Currently, not that much to be honest. There is too much that still has to be done, before I know how it will actually look when it’s done. I’d like to answer this question again in a month or so, as a lot more will be done at that time. My focus is on the details and landscaping, so expect something special for that. I hope that the rural scenery will amaze you in the future.

What are your experiences with building these parts?
It is a big challenge. Laying down the roads, choosing which roads should be in and which ones will not be in is not an easy task. Some things simply don’t fit due to 1:2 scale. I already had to skip an highway exit, which I found very essential to be in the game, which was quite unfortunate. But solutions are found and the landscaping should be great in the end.

What is your favorite part in the map to build?
So far I only have experience with Rijswijk and the A4, so that is also my favourite part I guess. But I would love to build some more rural parts, as it is easier on one hand, but also more satisfying for some reason. So who knows what my next project will be.

Anything else?
It is really amazing to be part of this team. Who knows what the future brings. It would be so amazing to have the entire Netherlands finished one day, combined with some German and Belgian parts. For now, patience is a good friend, and soon the A12 will open up for you!

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