The story of a developer episode one: Alex.

Welcome to this new blog series! Today we start interviewing our Developers with a new interview every monday! Starting with Alex.
Alex has been a developer in the Tregion team for a very long time. He has been developing parts around Leiden right now. Lets get into the interview!

Who are you? And where do you come from?
I’m Alex, and I come from Holland, a small country in West-Europa.

What are you working on in the Tregion map?
Currently I’m working on Leiden, a nice city between The Hague and Amsterdam.

How long have you been in the team already?
I already was in the TDM team, and when we decided to stop TDM and start a new ambitious project (Tregion šŸ˜‰ ) I just came over, so I am here since the start.

Whats your experience with the team?
My experiences are really good, it’s a nice team to work with.

Why should we be visit your parts? Whats special about it?
Well, actually my parts are needed to drive by if you want to go to amsterdam and start at The Hague, but also the amount of detail and time. Its really hard to make something that looks good, and I think you will see it in the work

What are your experiences with building these parts?
My experiences are that it is not really easy to build, but it is really fun because when I am done with building and look back at the result, I am mostly verry happy and proud at myself, because when I made North Holland in The Dutch Map (you might know it as the most bad mapped piece of shit ever) I wasnt quallified, and now I am really good.

Anything else?
No not really, just download Tregion and have fun with it! It will be the best map ever!

Next week: Snellejasper!

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