A second CEO!

Hello community,

You might have seen it on the forum and the discord already but we have a new CEO! Our mapper Daan has been making such a good work and he is a good leader of the team so next to Sven, Daan will be the second CEO of the Tregion project.


We are working on our new website. As we are getting a lot more projects to work on like our ATS map and Schwarzwald, we need some more website which means we need a portal. And we’ve made that.


We are thrilled to show you some progress but we decided to keep you guys hyped just a little bit more.



An update and a new project?

100th revision on the SVN server!

Hi everyone! We first want to say that we hit the 100th revision on our SVN server! That’s a milestone since we have the server for only a month!

ETS2: new 0.1 teaser!

For the ones that haven’t seen it yet: We’ve released a teaser trailer for Tregion meaning that the release isn’t far away anymore. We assume that we have a download link around the end of May which is pretty soon! If you haven’t seen it: Watch it here:

Hmm… Shall we provide some more screenshots too to get the hype train running even more?

The Gouwe bridge-aquaduct-bridge
VZP De Andel
The A12 around Gouda
Exit Bleiswijk with a view over Zoetermeer
Australiƫweg Zoetermeer

Another great co-operation!

So we did another project merge with Bobgrey1997 from the Arkansas 1:1 map! We decided to make the map 1:2 because that is easier to make and isn’t that time consuming as a 1:1 map. You can still implement a lot of detail in a 1:2 and that is visible in our ETS2 map! We decided to start mapping around the suburbs of Little rock and villages before reaching Little Rock itself. A screenshot around Beebe:

US 67 at exit 31: Beebe

So why are we merging with an ATS map?

Well we want to increase our community to make more products with more developers. We want to grow out to a huge team creating the best mods for ets2. We know that it’ll be a long road to follow but if we keep working, we’ll get there!

New developers incoming!

In the past half year we’ve seen a lot of developers come and leave. We now do have a quite solid team. We have some new developers and some existing developers gone away. Our team exists now out of

  • 23 Beta testers
  • 8 map developers (ETS2, ATS and Schwarzwald)
  • 13 recruits of which 2 have the chance to become a mapper too

As you can see, we still need model developers so please contact us if you’re a model developer to coorporate with us!

So these are the new devs!

We welcome the new developers. Now the new developers are:

  • Minecart11
  • Bobgrey1997
  • Gabriel

On what area’s will they work?

  • Minecart11: Rotterdam West
  • Bobgrey1997 ATS
  • Gabriel: Aachen

And how about the other developers?

  • Sven: Zoetermeer ETS2, Beebe, Arkansas ATS
  • Daan: Gouda ETS2
  • RVirma: Rotterdam East
  • Butcher: Den Haag-Leidschenveen
  • Kirill: Foggy Weather
  • Rob: Schwarzwald/Australian Outback


So this was our general update. Want some more news? Please visit our facebook and write something on our forum! For now we go on mapping for a new driving experience!

~Sven, CEO of the Tregion project