Thanks for the many years: Tregion quits.

Sven has been with the team since The Dutch Map 1.0 and has been active in the team eversince, becoming admin since TDM 1.3. Together with Alex, M95 and Daan they’ve started Tregion. A new 1:2 scale map mod for ETS2 starring the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Sven: “We all had a great plan which we hoped would work out to be the biggest map mod ever. But pressure came in the way. Thanks to SCS updates, DLC’s and pressure from the community we felt that every step moving forward, was 2 steps backwards. It demotivated us every time we wanted to do something on the project and we worked hard to not let it die. A few months after I took a step back from the team, I was diagnosed with a depression, causing me to leave the team behind and work on myself. The team became more inactive than it already was and now the time has come that we decided to focus on something else.

It is sad to see that we are quitting the project and will do something else.

M95: “Tregion was in my heart since the start of the project. I am very happy that I could be part of the team and create a great mod of which everyone received a lot of joy and drive in some of their own hometown. We are grateful for everyone’s feedback.

Alex: “The pleasure to map became less and less when school became a big factor in my life. School became so much that I didn’t find enough time to help the team. The pressure became so much that I was diagnosed with a burn-out and that was the moment I decided to take a huge step back from the team also. Thanks for the many years of joy you, the community has given me. But now it’s time to do something else.

Jasper: “I have been with the team since a few years. And within those years, I worked myself up to become an admin. Unfortunately my job and demotivation to work on the project became in my way of continuing. Thanks for the many years of fun and appreciation but now it is time to leave the team behind.

It doesn’t mean that Tregion will disappear, the mod will still be downloadable and the website will still be up. You will see a lot of changes though. The team is resigning but the community will stay. We want to create a new gaming community with a lot of joy and support. What it will be? You will hear soon from us.

Thanks for the many years of joy.

The Tregion Team

Some early W.I.P. Screenshots

Hi Community!

We hope you are enjoying Tregion 0.2! While you are playing 0.2, we are building Tregion 0.3 which will surely feature the city of Utrecht! Currently we are busy on the A12 which forms the Southern ringroad of the 4th biggest city in the Netherlands. We have some very early W.I.P. pictures for you.

Utrecht: M95, Sven and Jasper

Utrecht is famous for it’s quite big range of architecture and next to the A12 there is also a lot to find. For example the Van der Valk Hotel next to the A12!

Van der Valk Utrecht

But also other buildings are findable next to the A12. For example the building from the company that maintains our roads: Rijkswaterstaat!


The WTC Utrecht is also present!

Afrit 16: A12

And when you talk about the A12, you talk about the Ikea!

Papendorpseweg and Galecopperbrug

And ofcourse one thing can’t miss, interchange Oudenrijn!


Meanwhile Jasper is busy with the A27 near Vianen, which will probably belong to the Utrecht project.

A27 near Vianen

Linschoten: AexceptionPL

Our new Developer AexceptionPL has started on a small expansion next to Woerden, Linschoten!

N204 near Linschoten

Zuidplas: Sven

Sven has started on project Zuidplas which will feature Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel and Zevenhuizen for sure.

A20 near Moordrecht
N457: Moordrechtboog
N219: Zevenhuizen

An expansion to somewhere else…

Our developer Thieme is busy working to another city from Zoetermeer. Can you guess which road this is?

A Team-up: Veritas1983

Please welcome our new Developer Veritas1983, known from the Rotterdam 1:1 map, who decided to join us! He is currently merging his work with ours! Can you guess which interchange this will be?

Hoogmade/Woubrugge: Alexanderkovacs

Our developer Alexanderkovacs has been making some progress around Woubrugge! Specifically the A4 and N446!

N446 Woubrugge
N446 Hoogmade
N446 Hoogmade
A4 Hoogmade
A4 Limesaquaduct
A4 Leiden

Last but not least… New road markings!

To enhance your simulation experience even more, we decided to give our road markings a huge overhaul and make them according to the Dutch marking standards, which means we’ve made them thinner! That looks like this!

There is a whole lot more we are working on but we thought this would be enough to keep your eyes candied. We hope you like it!

The Tregion Team!

Tregion 0.2 is released!

Hi community,

Tregion 0.2 is finally released! What do you need to play the map? Where can you download it? Read it all here!

How do you download the map?

You can download the map on our forum: There is a download section on the forum where you can find the download. You need to be registered and logged in to access the topic. If you are not registered or logged in, you can’t access the downloadserver. This is to prevent piracy.

What download options are there?

We have 2 options to download the map. The 1st option is a torrent download. This is the fastest way to download the map. To use the torrent you need a torrent client like bittorrent or utorrent. Please seed the map after downloading!
The 2nd option is a download straight from the server but to prevent the server being overloaded, we have put a cap of 100kb/s on that server meaning that the file will take very long to download. It is for the people who don’t want to use a torrent. We warned you. Take the torrent! It is way faster and easier!

Which DLC’s do I need for the map?

You need: Going east, Scandinavia, France, Italia and Baltics for the map to work. If you don’t have the DLC’s then you can’t use the map. It will crash!

Do I need a new profile for this map?

If you’ve already had a Tregion profile: No. If not: Yes.

Is this map compatible with ProMods or other Europe map mods?

No. The map is on a standalone scale of 1:2 which means that the map isn’t compatible with other maps.

How do I run this map?

Go to your ETS2 and start a new profile. Go to the mod manager and select all Tregion packs. There should be 5 files. Activate them with Tregion always on top and on alphabetic range. After that, go back to the profile page and select the map module. Change it from europe to dutchmap2.mbd as shown below:

After that, you should be able to play the map!

Where should I report bugs?

Report bugs in our bugs section on the forum!

Which cities are new in 0.2?

  • Alphen a/d Rijn
  • Zoeterwoude-Dorp
  • Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk
  • Hazerswoude-Dorp
  • Hazerswoude-Rijndijk
  • Boskoop
  • Benthuizen
  • Bodegraven expansion

And last but not least… Feel free to donate!

Do you like to support the mappers for their work? Feel free to donate!

Tregion 0.2 trailer is out!

The Tregion 0.2 has been uploaded today! Which means things are going fast! We are planning on releasing an internal beta next week for the beta testers and to release the final product quite soon! We are happy that progress is going so fast these weeks!

Looking for beta testers

We are still looking for people who want to test our map and provide us with bug information. The more people the better! Do you want to report bugs? You can message us on facebook or join our discord!

[DUTCH] is live!

Hallo community,

Een nieuwe samenwerking van een superinitiatief!

Vandaag is het feest want is live gegaan! Er ontbrak in deze community nog maar 1 ding en dat was een Nederlandse radiozender met je favoriete muziek en natuurlijk Nederlandse DJ’s! Dit idee zwoof al een tijdje door het hoofd van eigenaar Corné (Velozo) en is onder andere door de ondersteuning van Tregion werkelijkheid geworden.


Het was een tijd een droom van mij om een radiostation te starten voor de Nederlandse community. Deze was er nog niet en ik zag de kans om het gat in de markt te vullen. Dit is eindelijk gelukt en samen met elkaar gaan wij deze zender opbouwen tot een van de beste Nederlandse online communityzenders!

Wij van Tregion ondersteunen Truckersradio. Specifiek is Sven onderdeel geworden van het team.


Truckersradio is een enorm goed initiatief waar ik maar al te graag onderdeel van wou worden. Vooral mijn ervaring met promotie, het onderhouden van een team en amateurradio zorgen voor een enorme versterking van het team. Ik hoop dat ik samen met truckersradio een fijne samenwerking aan kan gaan.

Maar dat is niet genoeg…

Wij zoeken jou! Heb jij een bijzondere affiniteit met radio en wil je je skills omtrent het presenteren van een radioprogramma, het voorbereiden van een programma of nieuws of ander radiogerelateerd werk op vrijwillige basis verbeteren? Wij bieden jou een podium! Op onze website kun je solliciteren naar functies die nog open staan. Samen met jou bouwen we dit team en deze prachtige zender op!


Naast onze website hebben we natuurlijk socials! Je kunt ons volgen op:

Tregion 0.1.5 – 1.38 Compatibility

A few weeks ago, SCS software released version 1.38 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This update introduced some major bugs into the Tregion map. Therefore we worked on updating our map to a new version: Tregion 0.1.5. This version is fully compatible with version 1.38 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Tregion 0.1.5 does not contain any new content. Keep an eye on our blog or on our social media to stay up to date with the next major update for Tregion!

How to Download?

Visit our forum and register or log in. Once you are logged in, the download topic should appear with further instructions.

Have fun and drive safe

Tregion Merch shop opened, Sven on Radio 538 and progress update!

Hi Community! We have a lot to tell you and we are eager to talk to you about it!

Tregion Merch shop!!

Yes that’s true! Tregion has merchandise from now on! The prices are included €1 profit for us. Our merchandise includes T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, everything you can imagine! Even face masks! We don’t make profit on facemasks though. We don’t want to make profit of a pandemic. One of the Tregion merch articles is visible on this picture of Sven at 538! The shop is available at!

The Tregion Shirt

Sven on Radio 538!

That’s true! Sven has been on Radio 538 as the “uitsmijter” during Weekend Wietze! The “uitsmijter” is a section in which people can show their talents or can just have their moment on the national number 1 radio. Sven took his chance and he won! The video is visible down here (English closed captions available:

Sven at Radio 538

ETS2 Progress

Even though we are silent, behind the scenes there is happening a lot! Some pictures:

Drawbridges oude rijn

So one of the new models we’ve made is the drawbridges around the Oude Rijn!

New signage system

We have made a new signage system of which we use png images for our signs!

This was our blogupdate for this time. As you’ve seen, a lot has happened! Have a good one and see you in the next update!

Merry Christmas! Tregion for 1.36 is released!

Hello everyone!

To start off, we’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas. As a small Christmas present, we have released a 1.36 compatibility update for Tregion. There is no new content besides some bug fixes, but you can enjoy the benefits of 1.36 on Tregion now. You can download it on our forums: Keep in mind that you have to be logged in to view the download page.

It is already one year ago that we have released 0.1. We hope that you have enjoyed the map so far. We’d like to thank you for the support and the great feedback during this year. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to pull this off. So thank you for that!

In the mean time we have been working on expanding the map into new areas. Check out some other blogposts for more information. We’d like to release 0.2 somewhere in 2020. More details about that will follow in the next year. In the mean time, you can now enjoy Tregion in 1.36.

Update time! 17-11-2019

Hello community!

Today I am happy to show you some more progress on the Tregion 0.2 version!

N209 near Hazerswoude-Dorp ~ Jasper and ELGamer
N209 near Hazerswoude-Dorp
N209 near Hazerswoude-Rijndijk

There has also been some work around around Utrecht but we are not going to include it into 0.2

Dominee Martin Luther Kinglaan, Utrecht
A2 near Exit 8: Utrecht-Centrum
Interchange Oudenrijn
A2 near interchange Oudenrijn

Well that’s all we have to show you. As the most of us are busy with their work or school or even university we don’t have a lot of time to map. We hope that 0.2 will be done near the end of december like we finished 0.1 last year but we can’t promise anything. Hopefully we did show you a lot and hyped you up for the upcoming 0.2 release!

Regards, Sven.